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Transform Teaching & Learning

We built wonderful industrial age schools that took us to the top of the world. We need to transform those for the information age to stay there. More info here: 

Strengthen Democratic Infrastructure

The legal system underlying our schools is less robust than we need for a modern global system for a billion kids. I want to help strengthen it. More information here:

Leverage Technology for
Disruptive Change

The digital revolution is the disruptive opportunity of our time to radically rethink and recode our schools. The leaders are key. More information here:  

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Department of
Educational Leadership Studies & 

My academic home in a nationally ranked College of Education, cofounder of the School Technology Leadership certificate and degree programs. More information is here:  

Center for the Advanced Study of
Technology Leadership in Education  

The nation's only academic center dedicated to the technology needs of school leaders. More information is here: 

STEAM Academy 
of Fayette County Public Schools

I help to lead a highly innovative, public high school of 400 students that is partnered with the UK College of Education and was launched in 2013.

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I like sharing my research and ideas through both traditional and nontraditional outlets. So, I write both articles and blogs, and a book coming soon. 


I am a teacher at heart. I love it. I teach both academic courses as well as in various professional development and other settings. Can't get enough, just wish I had more time for it. 


I love holding conferences and events to spread the knowledge base and network learning. I also like to help other organizations that are doing the same.