I (Justin Bathon) am an associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership Studies at the University of Kentucky. In this role I also serve as (1) Co-Director of the Center for Next Generation Leadership (2) Director of Innovative School Models, including directing development of the STEAM Academy in Lexington,  (3) Director of Graduate Study for Educational Leadership Studies.  I post my thoughts and work at my blog recode.school or you can see my academic work at Research Gate. Generally, my work concerns the underlying "code" of education which includes things like the legal structure upon which the system is built, the norms of everyday school policy implementation, the technological architecture of learning, and the growing marketplace for educational choices, particularly leadership preparation. Specifically, I research, publish, and participate in the ongoing modification of this education code in the global movement to deeper learning. Justin has legal and educational experience at the local, state, national, and international levels including time as a high school teacher in southern Illinois. He holds a J.D. from Southern Illinois University and a Ph.D. in Education Policy from Indiana University